Frequently asked questions

On this page, you will find answers to frequently asked questions. Should you have any further questions or suggestions, just send us an email or give us a call. Our team is glad to help.

Tel: +49 (0) 221 9723920

Only originals.

Of cause you find on our page only original classics, where the manufacturer has the lizence of the production by the designer or his inherits.

You can trust Markanto.

Since 1999 our web page is now online and since this time we managed tousends of orders with many satisfied clients.

Information about the order process

You can't find a product?

In some categories you find only some works of a designer or manufacturer. Normally you find a more in the categories designer and manufacturer. Otherwise just send us an email with your request.

How to order at Markanto

We gladly accept your order through email, fax (+49 (0) 221120149) or telephone. Please be aware of our business hours – normally, Monday to Friday from 9 AM to 6 PM. After you make your order, you will receive a confirmation e-mail or letter. Please check the order confirmation for accuracy and notify us of any mistakes as soon as possible.

The shopping cart function

Please notice, that you dont make an order, if you put your selected items just in the shopping card. You have to go to the digital cash box to finish the order.

Secure online-transferring system

The entry of your order takes place over a secure online-transferring system, the so-called “Secure Socket Layer” (SSL), in order to process your information. This transferring system is supported by most browsers. All information transferred using this secure method is encrypted before it is sent to us. This ensures that no unauthorized person can gain access to your information. For your protection, your information is used solely during the order-making process. No third-party has access to it.

Information about payment conditions and discounts

Payment possibilities 

We offer the following methods of payment: invoice, direct debit, cash in advance/down payment, credit card and PayPal.

Invoice - For orders up to EURO 150 you can pay by invoice after receiving the goods.  This payment option is available if you have a residence inside Germany and give us your exact billing information (address, telephone, email address).

Direct Debit - With this method of payment, your order is charged to your account. This normally happens 2 to 3 work days before your order is sent, so that our bank can look over the account information. Direct debit is only available in Germany.

Prepayment - Of course, you can also make a prepayment and get an extra 3% discount on your total order. For larger orders, we offer the possibility of paying 50% of the order as prepayment and the other 50& within 14 days of receiving the order. This, however, should be discussed with us beforehand.

Credit Card - Markanto accepts Visa, Mastercard and American Express. Of course, your credit card information is entered on a specially protected website with a secure SSL-encryption system.

PAYPAL – You can also pay by your PayPal account. More information about PayPal you find on

Special conditions for architects and journalists

If you are an architect or journalist please ask for our special conditions.

Special conditions for larger quantities

If you are interested in large quantities of a product – please ask for our special conditions too. In case you can't find a manufacturer's product or a special version of a product, just contact us for any further information.

Price guarantee

Markanto offers you a price guarantee for eyery listed object. If you should find a better price at any other trader, please send us a fax or email with the accordant evidence (for example a link) and you will get the object to the same conditions. The price guarantee does not apply for plagiarism (which we do not sell anyway), Markanto market vintage objects, special sales offers of other traders (for example due to insolvency or assortment changes) and auctions. The price guarantee can only be applied when the competing trader is located in Germany and for regular home quantities.

Information about transport and delivery

Free delivery 

Delivery is free for all orders inside Germany and to the neighbour countries. Only for orders from the Switzerland we have to charge EURO 15,00 extra for orders under EURO 150,00 net. If your are not located, in Germany and neighbour countries - please send us an email. We will find an attractive solution for shipping.

Delivery times between 48 hours and 3 month

Please keep in mind, that your delivery can take between 1 and 12 weeks, depending on the items in question, because furniture is often only produced once the order has been made. Therefore, each product is assigned a non-binding, approximate delivery time. We normally have smaller pieces in stock, which can be sent in a shorter time (please see Markanto QuickShip). Smaller pieces are sent using UPS or DHL, while larger items are shipped by transport companies. Orders are delivered on time, provided we receive the right goods in a timely manner from the respective manufacturers.

Information about warranties

2 years warranty

MMarkanto provides customers with a 24-month warranty for material or manufacturing defects. If the individual manufacturer has a longer warranty, our warranty is extended accordingly. The warranty is limited to the products and does not cover damage, loss, or vandalism. For lighting devices, there is a warranty of six months. Please observe our general terms and conditions as well.