Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions. Should you have any further questions or suggestions, just send us an email or give us a call. Our team is glad to help. 


What is a design classic?
Nowadays, design is certainly an inflationary term. Everything is design. Nonetheless, we consider design classics to be those pieces that were pioneering for their time, whether it was the form, the workmanship or the manufacturing process. Hiding behind each piece is the exciting story of the artist, the manufacturer, the spirit of the times, or economic successes or failures. For example, the steel pipe classics of the Bauhaus movement were initially only produced in very limited quantities. The so-called “skin and bone chairs” were only popular amongst a small intellectual minority. The rest of the population more or less rejected the chairs, and when the Nazis seized power, many of the designers were forced into immigration. Only many years later did these classics gain their earned popularity.

What’s the difference between an original and a copy?
At Markanto, you will only find pieces from licensed manufacturers. This means that the designer (or his descendants) has authorized a respective manufacturer to produce and distribute his work. The manufacturer normally pays a licensing fee for this. The history of design is, therefore, often the history of the close collaboration between designer and manufacturer. For instance, the company Wilde and Spieth has been producing the creations of Prof Egon Eiermann for over 50 years. In the 30’s, the company Artek was co-founded by the couple Aino and Alvar Aalto to distribute their furniture. And the success of Knoll International is hardly imaginable without Florence Knoll and the straight-lined “International Style” she developed.

On the web page from Vitra you can find a useful information about the differences between the original and the copies by chairman Rolf Fehlbaum:

What warranties does Markanto offer?
Markanto provides customers with a 24-month warranty for material or manufacturing defects. If the individual manufacturer has a longer warranty, our warranty is extended accordingly. The warranty is limited to the products and does not cover damage, loss, or vandalism. For lighting devices, there is a warranty of six months. Please observe our general terms and conditions as well.

How can I make an order at Markanto?
We gladly accept your order through email, fax (+49-221-120149) or telephone. Please be aware of our business hours – normally, Monday to Friday from 9 AM to 6 PM. After you make your order, you will receive a confirmation e-mail or letter. Please check the order confirmation for accuracy and notify us of any mistakes as soon as possible.

Is my order safe?
The entry of your order takes place over a secure online-transferring system, the so-called “Secure Socket Layer” (SSL), in order to process your information. This transferring system is supported by most browsers. All information transferred using this secure method is encrypted before it is sent to us. This ensures that no unauthorized person can gain access to your information. For your protection, your information is used solely during the order-making process. No third-party has access to it.

How can I pay at Markanto?
We offer the following methods of payment: invoice, direct debit, cash in advance/down payment, and credit card.

Invoice - For orders up to 150 euros, we can bill you, allowing you to pay after you receive your order (only inside Germany). This is available if you have a residence in Germany and give us your exact billing information (address, telephone, email address).

Direct Debit - With this method of payment, your order is charged to your account. This normally happens 2 to 3 work days before your order is sent, so that our bank can look over the account information. Direct debit is only available in Germany.


Down Payment or Cash in Advance - Of course, you can also pay in advance and receive a 3% discount on your total order. For larger orders, we offer the possibility of paying 50% of the order in advance and the other half within 14 days of receiving the order. This, however, should be discussed with us beforehand.


Credit Card - Markanto accepts Visa, Diners, Mastercard, and American Express. Of course, your credit card information is entered on a specially protected website with the secure SSL-encryption system. You may also send us your credit card information via fax.

What’s the cost of delivery? 
Delivery is free for all orders inside Gemany and to the neighbour countries. Only for orders from the Switzerland we have to charge EURO 15,00 extra for orders under EURO 150,00 net. If your are not located, in Germany and neighbour countries - please send us an email. We will find an attractive solution for shipping.

How and when is the order delivered?
Please keep in mind, that your delivery can take between 1 and 12 weeks, depending on the items in question, because furniture is often only produced once the order has been made. Therefore, each product is assigned a non-binding, approximate delivery time. We normally have smaller pieces in stock, which can be sent in a shorter time (please see Markanto QuickShip). Smaller pieces are sent using UPS or DHL, while larger items are shipped by transport companies. Orders are delivered on time, provided we receive the right goods in a timely manner from the respective manufacturers.

What should I be aware of with regards to the delivery?
The reception of your order has to be documented by you. With your signature, you acknowledge that you received the goods in accordance with German shipping conditions, and usually, that they arrived in an unobjectionable condition as well. Thus, it is important to inspect the package/goods before signing and immediately make a note of any possible damage on the delivery form or waybill. Otherwise, the shippers will deny any liability, and the cost of the damage is at your expense.

What are the conditions for returning?
Without providing a reason, you may return as an private customer any purchased items in the original packaging within 30 days of receiving your order. In the case of individual or specialized productions (for example, certain upholsteries), returning is not permitted. If the goods were examined at our location in Cologne, the right to return does not apply either. For orders exceeding 40 euros, Markanto pays the return shipping fee. Products, that aren’t suited to be shipped in a package (for example, bulky pieces) will be picked up by us with an appropriate shipping company - please contact us in writing as well.

We would also like to draw your attention to your right as a customer to back out of the contract. According to article 13 in the German civil code, the customer has a right to cancellation of distant selling contracts. The customer, in this sense, is any natural person, who completes a business transaction to some end, who can be attributed neither a commercial nor independently professional activity.

Right of cancellation 
According to article 13 in the German civil code, the customer has a right to cancellation of distant selling contracts. The customer, in this sense, is any natural person, who completes a business transaction to some end, who can be attributed neither a commercial nor independently professional activity. You may cancel you contractual declaration in writing (e.g. letter, fax or e-mail) within two weeks without stating any reasons, or – if you receive the goods before the two weeks have expired- by returning the goods.
The time limit starts with the receipt of this notice in written form, but not before the goods have been received by the recipient (in the event of repeat deliveries, not before the receipt of the first partial delivery) and not before we have complied with our duties to supply information pursuant to § 312 c Abs. 2 BGB i. V. m. § 1 paragraphs. 1, 2 and 4 BGB-InfoV  of the German Civil Code on data protection or our duties pursuant to § 312 e paragraph 1 clause 1 of the BGB in conjunction with § 3 of the BGBInfoV. To comply with the time limit it is sufficient that the cancellation or return of the goods be sent in good time. Notice of cancellation must be sent:


Markanto Designklassiker UG (haftungsbeschränkt)
Neusser Straße 182
D-50733 Köln

Fax: +49-221-120149

The right to cancellation does not apply to pieces that were made according to customer specifications or clearly customized to meet personal needs, nor does it apply to items that were personally inspected and ordered at our office in Cologne.

What is the private sphere and data protection? 
We use the information received from you to carry out the desired order and provide you with the most convenient shopping experience at We assure you that all information we receive from you is protected from every kind of misuse. As a Markanto customer, you obtain current information and offers.

All customer information is processed and saved in accordance with the relevant regulations of the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) and the Tele Services Data Protection Act (TDDSG). At all times, you have a right to cost-free information, correcting, locking, and deleting of all saved information. Please refer to for more information. We do not provide your personal information (including address and e-mail address) to any third party without your explicit permission, which may be revoked at any time. Exceptions to this rule are our partners, who need the information for the carrying-out of your order (for example, the shipping company responsible for the delivery, or in the case of direct deliveries, the respective manufacturer). However, in these cases, the amount of information transferred is limited to the required minimum. We implement technical and organizational security measures in order to ensure your information is protected against any accidental or deliberate manipulations, loss, destruction or access by unauthorized persons.

What happens in the event of damage in transit?
Damage in transit is rare, but unfortunately does occur at times. Please always make note of external damage immediately on the waybill or delivery form when you receive your package. If you notice any damage after unpacking your order, please also inform us and the shipping company as soon as possible.

Does Markanto deliver outside of Germany? 
Of course, we deliver worldwide. On request, we will gladly inform you of the shipping costs for a particular country. Please see the costs for transport under the category "Transport costs" – in some cases it it free for you! Companys please notice, that for a billing without sales tax within the European Union, please give us your sales tax identification number with your order.

All prices include the legal sales tax (except in the Markanto-Market, where in part vintage items from customers are offered on commission). All information and offers are subject to change. Errors and technical changes excepted. Our general terms and conditions of business apply.