Book „Bau und Wohnung”

by Willi Baumeister

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The book „Bau und Wohnung” was published 1927 by the „Deutscher Werkbund zur Weißenhofsiedlung”. Every of the architects (like Peter Behrens, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Le Cobusier, Josef Frank, Walter Gropius, J.J.P Oud, Hans Poelzig, Hans Scharoun or Mart Stam) of this famous and important exhibition in Stuttgart explains in this books his work.

The cover and content was designed by the artist Willi Baumeister.

The shown book is a special edition with a leather back and belong to the architect Prof. Hans Poelzig. Only a few of this special editions was produced and given to the architects (the personal book from Mies van der rohe belongs now the MoMa, the personal book of Willi Baumeister is the Baumeister achives. Although included the reference letter from the town Stuttgart from 1927 to Prof. Poelzig.

Condition: very good original condition, stamped with Peter Poelzig (the son from Hans Poelzig, died 1981), production Dr. Fr. Wedekind, Stuttgart 1927

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Book „Bau und Wohnung” by Willi Baumeister - Verlag
Price: € 1.450,00