Goethe table lamp

by Christian Dell

Price: € 450,00 ( excl. )

Manufacturer: Bünte + Remmler

The table lamp Goethe is one of the most important designs by Bauhaus-Master Christian Dell and was created for the company Bünte + Remmler ca. 1928.

Christian Dell was from 1922 to 1925 the master of the Bauhaus metal-workshop. In 1926 he started to creates lamps for companies like Bünte + Remmler, Kaiser & Co or Rondella.

Condition: original condition, repainted, height adjustable from ca. 40 to 50 cm

The lamp has the original cable from the 1930ths (not for using condition, therefore a new electricity is nesessary).

This object is differential tax (§ 25a UstG) included.

Goethe table lamp by Christian Dell - Bünte + Remmler
Price: € 450,00