by Stiletto (Frank Schreiner)

Price: € 2.400,00 ( excl. )

Manufacturer: Stiletto

The ceiling lamp Honda by Stiletto was the first lamp in the 1980ths with the concept of flexible arms. Later many similar lamps were produced by different manufacturers.

The design from 1985 is also a good exsample for Stilettos work (he design also the famous chair Consumers Rest): the ceiling part of the lamp is an original part of a Honda motorcycle; the arms comes from a showering. The lamp was produced by Stiletto in a small quantity (ca. 100 lamps).

Condition: good original condition, height ca. 180 cm, nummered (Nr. 83 from 05.05.91) and signed by Stiletto

This object is differential tax (§ 25a UstG) included.

Honda-Lamp by Stiletto (Frank Schreiner) - Stiletto
Price: € 2.400,00