Working stool

by Otl Aicher

Price: € 4.400,00 ( excl. )

Manufacturer: Gebrüder Siegel

The German graphic designer Otl Aicher is well-known for his work – he created for exsample the logos of the Lufthansa or Erco Leuchten and is the father of the pictrograms for the Olympic Games in Munich. He is also designed the font ROTIS.

Aicher created only a vew furniture, like this rare working stool, only ca. 30 - 40 pieces were produced. This bar stool was the prototype and comes from Otl Aichers private libery in Rotis.

Condition: good original condition

This object is differential tax (§ 25a UstG) included.


Working stool by Otl Aicher - Gebrüder Siegel
Price: € 4.400,00