Sensilla museum chair

by Christoph R. Siebrasse

Price: € 1.800,00 (incl. tax, excl. )

Manufacturer: Atelier Christoph Siebrasse

Christoph R. Siebrasse created the museum chair Sensilla in 1988. This concept was the first chair with a swinging  seating plate for a better and healthy seating. The plate is a mix from steel and felt and fixed with the construction by steel cables.

The chair you can find already in similar museums like the Museum für Angewandte Kunst in Cologne or the Museum für Deutsches Kunsthandwerk, different German embrasseries and in the German Goethe Institut.

Material: Steel, felt, measurements 55 x 55 cm, height 76 cm, seating height 46 cm

Delivery time : ca. 2 weeks

Sensilla museum chair by Christoph R. Siebrasse - Atelier Christoph Siebrasse
Price: € 1.800,00