Door handle Frankfurter Schule

Door handle Frankfurter Schule

by Ferdinand Kramer

Price: € 220,00 (incl. tax, excl. )

Manufacturer: Tecnolumen

After a short intermezzo with the Bauhaus in Weimar, Ferdinand Kramer worked in Frankfurt as an architect and designer. There he developed various constructions for the “Frankfurter Kitchen” and the so-called “Typenmöbel.” Next to the affordable and simple production, a social component came into the foreground. In 1925, in this environment, Ferdinand Kramer designed this simple, cone-shaped door handle. The price listed includes a door handle pair.

Various other constructions (key rosettes, door handle with protective plate, window handles) on request

Material: standard at Markanto in matte Nickel, for other materials (polished nickel, polished brass or polished chrome), just give us a call or send an email.

Measurements: Door handle 105 x 20 mm, printer rosette Ø 50 mm

Delivery: Within Germany free-of-charge, approx. 1-2 weeks

Door handle Frankfurter Schule by Ferdinand Kramer - Tecnolumen
Price: € 220,00