Form 1382 coffee service

Form 1382 coffee service

by Hermann Gretsch

Price: € 179,00 (incl. tax, excl. )

Manufacturer: Arzberg

The 1382 set has been manufactured unchanged by Arzberg since 1931.

As the first dinnerware of the “New Objectivity” movement, it corresponded to the basic principles of the modern age. The set was designed by the architect Hermann Gretsch, who was active as Arzberg’s artistic advisor from 1931 on. His approach was to develop dishes that were free of decoration – a novelty for the time. This unwillingness to compromise could be found in the name for the 1382 set as well: it was the Arzberg production number. The dinnerware was a great success directly after its introduction. The 1382 set is available as a coffee set and/or as dinnerware.

Construction of coffee set: white porcelain, 21 pieces: coffee pitcher, creamer and sugar bowl, 6  cups and 6 saucers, 6 breakfast plates

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Form 1382 coffee service by Hermann Gretsch - Arzberg
Price: € 179,00