Isokon dining table

Isokon dining table

by Marcel Breuer

Price: € 2.245,00 (incl. tax, excl. )

Manufacturer: Isokon

After his emigration out of Germany, Marcel Breuer was able to settle in England (having traveled to Switzerland first). From 1935-36, he created a good deal of furniture out of formed plywood (for the British company Isokon), which strongly recalled the work of Alvar Aalto and anticipated organic design. As opposed to the nesting tables and deck chairs designed for Isokon, the Dining Table and Dining Chair are designs with practially no historic precedent.

By 1939, the company was closed for business again. Breuer himself went with Walter Gropius to the USA in 1937, where they opened an architectural office together.

Material: plywood, birch,  Measurements: H: 72 cm, W: 72 cm, L: 150 cm

Delivery: ca. 3 weeks 

Isokon dining table by Marcel Breuer - Isokon
Price: € 2.245,00