Deck chair

Deck chair

by Marcel Breuer

Price: € 4.250,00 (incl. tax, excl. )

Manufacturer: Embru

After his emigration out of Germany, in 1933 Marcel Breuer developed chairs and deck chairs out of aluminum profiles and flat steel for the Embru company in Switzerland. In comparison with his earlier designs at the Dessau Bauhaus workshop, the forms of this furniture were more anatomical and material-oriented.

The internationally distinguished designs, however, found little resonance in 1934 following their market launch. Only after they started to be marketed as garden furniture again in 1936, did the public become more interested.

Construction: flat steel, measurements: 142 x 58,5 x 76 cm

Delivery: Within Germany free-of-charge, approx. 4-6 weeks

Deck chair by Marcel Breuer - Embru
Price: € 4.250,00