Arm chair 41 (Paimio)

Arm chair 41 (Paimio)

by Alvar Aalto

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Manufacturer: Artek

The Finn Alvar Aalto is considered a pioneer of plywood-working. Influenced by the German Bauhaus movement, he experimented with this material from 1927 on and together with his wife Aino Aalto created countless design classics. A few of the most significant of these are available in the Markanto store.

The Armchair Nr. 41, or the Paimio Armchair, was designed in 1932 for the clinic of the same name in Finnland. In 1929, Aalto received the task of designing this clinic, for which he also designed the furniture. His thought was that plywood would seem softer and friendlier for the patients than tubular steel.  He worked until 1933 on the clinic, which is a fascinating piece of architecture and belongs to his architectural masterpieces. The Armchair Nr. 41, which almost recalls a sculpture in its form, is available at Markanto in two models.

Material: birch, white or black varnish, measurements: 60 x 80 x 64 cm

Delivery: Within Germany free-of-charge, approx. 2-4 weeks

Categorie: Aalto chairs

Arm chair 41 (Paimio) by Alvar Aalto - Artek
Arm chair 41 (Paimio) by Alvar Aalto - Artek Arm chair 41 (Paimio) by Alvar Aalto - Artek

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