Tea pot

by Christiane Bernstiel

Price: € 245,00 (incl. tax, excl. )

Manufacturer: Christiane Bernstiel

Christiane Bernstiel is the daughter of Otto Lindig. The design of her ceramic art can be defined as following the tradition of the Bauhaus, the ceramics department of which was, temporarily, headed by her father, Otto Lindig.In her work Christiane Bernstiel is always interested in the singular piece - in the borderland between sculpture and usability.

Markanto offers some of her masterpiece like the handmade pitcher in stoneware.

Condition: handmade, ca. 23 x 21 cm, single piece, signed, stoneware with feldspar glaze, height 38,7 cm
Delivery: ca. 1 week inside of Germany
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Tea pot by Christiane Bernstiel - Christiane Bernstiel
Price: € 245,00