In this part you find information about interesting design exhibitions or internet pages. Under "Markanto expert advice” you get get support, when you need information about vintage items. Under „Markanto consultant” we offer our support for manufacturers, which want to establish design objects in the german market. 


Markanto exhibition overview
Often we make our own exhibitions in Cologne about design or special designers – please find an overview:


Belzig Ausstellung

"Günter Beltzig" and "Take a Seat", January 2012
At the culture program "Passagen" during the furniture fair in Cologne Markanto presented two different projects: Together with Löffler Edition we showed the reedition of the furniture of Günter Beltzig from the 1960ies. Highlight was the visit of Mr. Beltzig in our showroom to sign some of his children furniture. Our second project "Take a Seat" showed above 30 different chairs from designers and architects and was a cooperation with the Cologne Design Museum MAKK (which made at the same time a big exhibition about architects furniture too).


The world of Aldo Londi

"The world of Aldo Londi", September 2011 - November 2011
In a holiday on the mediterranean island Mallorca in 2004 we reconized in a small craft-shop the Rimini Blu ceramics from the Italian artist Aldo Londi. After the holiday, we directly contact the manufacturer Bitossi in Italy and start the distrubition of this designs in the German market, specially the Rimini Blu series. In 2011 Aldo Londi have turned 100 last year and we make an exhibition about his great ceramic designs.

100 years Eero Saarinen

"100 years Eero Saarinen", September 2010 - January 2011
Eero Saarinen, the noted Finnish-American architect and designer, would have turned 100 last year. In cooperation with Knoll International, Markanto is showing a selection of Saarinen's furniture classics – such as his Womb Chair and Tulip Chair (the first one-legged chair!) – which made a mark on 20th century interior design.

Das Werk von Poul Kjærholm

„Poul Kjærholm”, January 2010
Together with the manufacturer Fritz Hansen Markanto made an exhibition about the work of Poul Kjærholm. Together with Arne Jacobsen, Hans Wegner and Verner Panton, Kjærholm belongs to the importants designers of Denmark. Kjærholm was a trained carpenter and continued his studies at the Danish School of Arts and Crafts. He had a particular interest in different construction materials; especially steel which he considered a natural material with the same artistic fineness as other natural materials.

100 Jahre George Nelson

"Wie Wohnen", september 2009
60 years ago was the exhibition "Wie Wohnen” in Stuttgart, one of the first shows about design in Germany after the world war 2. At the first time the designs from Egon Eiermann were presented and many more new creations from the young Republic of Germany. Markanto, now online since 10 years, made an exhibition about this important exhibition – showing rare vintage objects from Egon Eiermann, Jens Risom or Hugo Häring.

100 Jahre George Nelson

100 years George Nelson, january 2009
The american designer, architect, and author was one of the importants persons for design in the second part of the 20 century. In his office many design classics were created –  – for exsample the coconut chair, the marshmallow sofa, the different walk and table clocks Clock, the bubblelLamps or the action office.

Stools, January 2008
Over 50 different stools show our exhibition at the Cologne Passagen 2008 – for exsample vintage classics  from Poul Kjaerholm, Charlotte Perriand, Verner Panton, Jean Prouvé, Ilmari Tapiovaara or Sori Yanagi. But of cause temporary designers like Herzog de Meuron, Jasper Morrison or Bruno Rainaldi were mentioned too.
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Jean Prouvé and Serge Mouille, January 2007
Together with Vitra and Cut we show different creations of these two french designers. The Vitra editions of the bar-stool and the shelf by Jean Prouvé where here shown the first time.


The World of Knoll, May2006
In cooperation with the gallery Gabriele Heidtmann this exhibition shows vintage furniture and lighting from Knoll International, like creations from Florence Knoll, Eero Saarinen, George Nakashima, Clay Mitchie, Harry Bertoia, Sigrid Wylach, Wolfgang Bauer or Roberto Sebastian Matta.


Lights, March 2005
Markanto shows different lamps and lamp sculptures from Joe Colombo, Serge Mouille, Verner Panton, Egon Eiermann, Isamu Noguchi, Ilmari Tapiovaara, Poul Henningsen, Sergio Mazza and Vico Magistretti.


Ilmari Tapiovaara, September 2004
The finish designer Tapiovaara won  in the 50ths more medals  at the Triennale in Milano like any other designer. In cooperation with the gallery Gabriele Heidtmann we show original vintage classics together with the new reedition from  Aero Design.


celebrations, January 2004
Zum 50. Geburtstag der HfG Hochschule für Gestaltung in Ulm und zum 100. Geburtstag von Egon Eiermann präsentierte Markanto im Rahmen des kulturellen Begleitprogramms zur IMM  „Passagen” Objekte von Junghans, Helit, Richard Lampert, Wilde + Spieth und dem Vitra Design Museum.


99 years Egon Eiermann, January 2003
Prof. Egon Eiermann was one of the importants german architects and designers in the 50ths. Together with the manufacturers Richard Lampert, Tecnolumen and Wilde + Spieth we show an overview of his furniture designs.


Carpet creations, January 2002
In cooperation with the Vitra Design Museum Markanto presents the reditions of the carpets from Verner Panton and Sigrid Wylach. Guests: Marianne Panton and of cause –  Sigrid Wylach.


Design made in Germany, January 2001

Together with the gallerys PopDom, Stefan Reinke and Sign of the Times we make a big overview about german design of the 20. century. The book, we produced for this event, is now hard to find – cause it shows many german items, which where a little bit forgotten. Our guests: Dieter Rams, Volker Albus, Peter Maly, Claudia Schneider-Esleben, Michel Veith, Günter Beltzig or Peter Ghyczy.