Information about delivery costs

Delivery costs are in online shops a special thing. Cause of the worldwide exploded energy costs the shipment of big items like furniture is often very expensive. And the price for the transport of small items is sometimes higher like the ordered object.

When you like to buy online, you want to get a special bonus. So the delivery costs inside Germany and to all neighbour countries (except Switzerland) is free for you.

Please notice, that the delivery of small parcels (with DHL and UPS) is until your door, the transport of bigger items like furniture is before the first house door. If you need more support (maybe transport to a third floor or transport by more then one person) – please contact us before you order. Cause this service is not a general part of the order. But we can organise everything and will find a good solution for you.

Delivery costs inside Germany

The delivery inside Germany is free.

Delivery costs to Austria

The delivery to Austria is free too.

Delivery costs to Switzerland

The delivery to Switzerland is free. Only for orders under EURO 150,00 net we charge EURO 15,00 extra. Customers from the Swiss don't have to pay the German sales tax  (in the moment 19 %). Instead you have to pay maybe other costs like extra duty costs or the Switzerland sales tax.

Delivery costs to EU neighbour countries (of Germany)

The delivery to following European Union countries is free:

Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland and Denmark.

Delivery costs to America, Asia or Australia

Of cause we deliver to nearly every country in the world. Please send us an email to to get a transport offer. Please allow sometime some days for the calculation of our transport partners to find the best way. Small parcels will be send by post or UPS, bigger objects with transport companies like Schenker.